Bolero - database expolorer

Win95 style screenshot with Sql editor (this is working already) WinXP style screenshot with table permissions editor (only sketch)

Bolero will be free opensource database explorer for various databases (i.e. Firebird, Oracle, MySQL, ...) Development priorities are:

  1. UI simplicity, usability, elegance
  2. keeping it free and open source
  3. support of several databases through similar user interface
  4. quality of the code and design
  5. support of several OS-es

It's written in Delphi; needs components available in Delphi 6 and 7 pro and enterprise, (and D5 enterprise???). I have tried to use only those VCL components that have counterparts in CLX, so one day it may be possible to compile the code also in Kylix (for Linux). With Delphi Octane and .NET it's theoretically possible to support even more platforms.

Different database connectivity layers can be used, currently dbExpress and Zeoslib are supported.

It's very raw currently, but concept, skeleton and few functions are ready. My current plans are to make its basic functions more or less usable with Firebird, Oracle and MySQL before putting it into Sourceforge CVS. (When? I've no idea :) But if you are interested already, then you can have a look at the code right now: Bolero_source_27.04.2004.rar and you are welcome to write me (aivarannamaa at hotmail dot com).

Last update: 27. april 2004